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Surface treatment

Anodizing and powder coating

Decorative appearance and increase the value retention of surfaces of the aluminium profiles

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Decorative appearance, protection from external influences and corrosion resistance:

These are the advantages of the protective layer resulting from electrolytic oxidation. An anodized aluminium profile also offers a wide range of decorative design possibilities with regard to color selection as well as other optical extras. For example, if you prefer aluminium profiles in stainless steel optics, this can be achieved easily by means of mechanical and chemical surface pretreatments such as polishing, grinding, brushing, degreasing and pickling. We anodize according to DIN 17611 aluminum profiles for interior and exterior applications with decorative and technical surface in different anodization colors.

Our anodizing facility work according to the requirements of the EURAS Qualanod certification.

Surface treatment


In order to achieve first-class and stable results in the powder coating, careful pre-treatment of the aluminium profiles is done in an environmentally friendly manner.

The powder coating process consists of an electrostatic application of the color powder (RAL and special colors) as well as subsequent baking at temperatures of approx. 180 ° C. The colored coating forms a resistant and durable surface which does not loose its appealing appearance even with unfavorable environmental influences. The factory-internal powder coating has a Qualicoat certification.

Decorative layer

The delivery of aluminium profiles with various wood decor surfaces is also possible.

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