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Aluminium profiles - as a one-stop shop!

We are specialized in the supply of customized aluminum profiles. We supply these depending on your drawings.

Whether you are looking for a light, thin-walled aluminum profile or a large cross-section variant with excellent machining options and a visually attractive surface, we are your experienced and competent partner in aluminum profiles.

In addition to intensive technical advice, our range of services also includes extrusion-tool construction. A clear advantage is that you have very short paths and only one contact the whole process through.

Mechanical processing

Aluminium profiles fabrication

The drawing profiles are manufactured on extrusion lines. In this process, dies are used to extrude Aluminium profiles, including hollow Aluminium profiles, from round billets in a hot forming process at approx. 400 °C.

Aluminum Profiles sizes

Aluminum Profiles sizes Aluminum Profiles alloys

The geometries of aluminium profile are from 0.040 kg / m up to a circumscribed circle of approx. 550 mm.

In addition to the manufacturing process and final heat curing, the selected type of alloy is responsible for the respective mechanical properties of the finished aluminum profiles. Material test products with details of the mechanical properties (tensile strength, elongation and hardness) to the finished aluminum profiles can be attached to the deliveries.

The dimensions and tolerances of the aluminium profiles are agreed with the customer. Within the scope of the manufacturing technology, this is either determined according to the individual customer requirements or according to the standardized specifications EN 755-9 and EN 12020-2. Manufactured according to the CE mark and the certifications EN ISO 14001 and 9001.


chemical composition according to DIN EN 573-3

  • 1050A Al 99,5
  • 1070A Al 99,7
  • 3103 Al Mn 1
  • 5005A Al Mn 1
  • 6005 Al Si Mg
  • 6060 Al Mg Si 0,5
  • 6061 Al Mg 1 Si Cu
  • 6063 Al Mg Si 0,7
  • 6082 Al Mg Si 1
  • 6463 Al Mg 0,7 Si
  • 7020 Al Zn 4,5 Mg 1
Mechanical processing
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